Tough Business (3DVD)


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A chauffeur-driven car careers through a landscape of chimneys and factories. In the black of night, they turn into an industrial estate pulling up to a warehouse. The heavy steel doors screech and lurch open slowly revealing one man, tied fast to a chair in the middle of the dark, empty void. Without hesitation the vehicle races up to him and stops dead, blinding him with the full beams. The doors close, sealing them in. Drowsy, confused and terrified, helpless Issac doesn’t struggle, he knows he has no chance of escape.


The Boss is back.  Sharper suits, Hotter Jocks, and harder action. UKHotJocks presents our first-ever sequel. Deceit, dirty play, double-crossing… the business only gets rougher! JP Dubois stars as the man not to mess with. Accompanied by his team of mafia cronies doing his dirty work no one will stand in their way. That’s not to say that JP doesn’t get hands-on, it a tough business and sometimes if you want something or someone doing right, you’ve got to do them yourself.


They don’t cruise, they are lured… again! The crumbling abandoned mill still stands strong and tempts sex hungry jocks into its walls, dark crevices, and hidden open spaces. The mystery remains, is there an individual doing the tempting and watching, or are the decrepit remains of an industrial time gone by somehow self-aware? We may never know but we do know that the boys keep coming and cumming! Whether they’re being watched or not every setup has crazy hot chemistry and hard sexual performances like never before!

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